Executive members

President: Milan Kumar Karki
Sr. Vice-President: Jal Prasad Ghimire
Vice-President: Parashu Ram Phuyal
Vice-President: Raj Kumar Thapa
Vice-President: Anju Thapa
General Secretary: Chiranjibi Acharya
Secretary: Bhim Prakash Oli
Treasurer: Ghani Raj Neupane
Asst. Treasurer: Ajay Kushwaha
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    About Us


    Article I


    a) The name of this organization is "Greater Boston Nepali Community".

    b) The organization shall also be known by the acronym of "GBNC".


    Article II


    The purpose of this organization is as follows:

    1.      To unite people of Nepali origin and those interested in Nepali culture residing in Massachusetts

    2.      To promote and preserve Nepali culture and traditions.

    3.      To establish and foster cordial relations with other national and international organizations.

    4.      To promote charitable, educational, and religious activities.

    5.      To assist in the socioeconomic, cultural and academic development of Nepal.

    6.      To help people in Nepal and any other during natural calamities.


    Article III

    Programs and Activities

    The organization will perform the following functions and activities:

    1.      Nepali New Year Celebration (Baishakh Sandhya)

    2.      Dashain Festival Celebration

    3.      Nepalese Deusi Bhailoo Program

    4.      Buddha Jayanti

    5.      Summer Barbecue

    6.      Coordinate with other Nepalese Associations as well as other relevant organizations for the purpose of fulfilling its objectives.

    7.      Raise funds for the continual functioning and sustenance of GBNC

    8.      Provide scholarship to college/university student members of Nepalese Origin studying in MA

    9.      Publish and update member directory

    10.  Continuous maintenance of GBNC website

    11.  Any other activities decided by the GBNC Board of Directors and/or the General Assembly.

    12.  If new programs involving more than $3000 (three thousand) shall be added to the activities, such a program shall review prior approval from the simple majority of the Board. Removal of existing activities shall also review prior approval from the simple majority of the Board.


    Article IV

    General Assembly

    Section 1. General Assembly

    The General Assembly shall be a group of people who are members of the organization. Decisions of the organization shall be made by the majority of the vote cast during the meeting. Presence of fifty-one percent of the members shall be mandatory for the first meeting. However, if fifty-one percent of the members do not attend the first meeting, a second meeting shall be called and that shall be considered as the General Assembly Meeting irrespective of the number of members present.

    Section 2. General Assembly Meeting

    General Secretary of the organization shall inform, on the direction of the President, all its members regarding the upcoming General Assembly Meeting thirty days prior to the meeting date. For any other meetings/events of general interest, a minimum of seven days will be given to all the members of the organization.

    Section 3. Functions of General Assembly

    The General Assembly shall hold meetings at least once a year. However General Assembly shall hold elections for the officers of the Board of Directors once every two years. General Assembly shall also pass the major bills.

    The General Secretary shall present a yearly report and future functional report to the General Assembly. The Treasurer shall present a financial report for the current year and the tentative budget for the upcoming year. The General Assembly shall hear and give necessary suggestions to the Board of Directors about programs and financial reports.

    By a two-third-majority, General Assembly has the right to change any articles, and sections of the GBNC by-laws as necessary. However, if one third of the general members with their signed written petition request the President and/or the Board of Directors, General Assembly Meeting could be held anytime within six months of the date of request.

    Article V

    Board of Directors and Officers

    Section 1. Number and Terms

    There shall be Board of Directors and Officers (hereinafter called "the Board") to formulate and implement the objectives of the organization. The number of members of the Board shall be 24 to 29 (an odd Number) people as required by the GBNC. Each member of the Board shall serve two years and is eligible to be re-elected, unless decided otherwise due to the reasons as per Article VI of this by-laws. A one-year continuous membership and two years serving as a board of director shall be required for the post of the President and all the executive positions.

    Section 2. Officers

    President 1

    Senior Vice President 1

    Vice President 2*

    Women Vice President 1*

    General Secretary 1

    Secretary 1

    Treasurer 1

    Assistant Treasurer 1

    Board Members -24 (by election)

    Board Members- 4 to 5 (shall be elected by president from different communities and social sectors of the Nepalese community. Those members who has appointed by the President shall have same powers like elected Board members. The selected Board Members shall be indorsed by simple majority of the Board by their first meeting.

    Section 3. Duties and Power

    a. President:

    The president shall be the leader of the organization who presides over every meeting of the GBNC Board as well as the General Assembly. He/she shall be responsible for the programs and polices of GBNC, decided by the Board and General Assembly. He/she shall be the general spokesman for GBNC and shall supervise every action of the GBNC. He/she shall be the one to cast the deciding vote in case of tie and also accept, reject or hold the resignation tendered by the members of the Organization.

    (b). Vice Presidents: *

    There shall be a vacancy of four vice presidents including women vice president. The first vice president shall be called Senior Vice President. There shall be a vacancy of another vice presidents call Vice President. In the case of four vice presidents, the first or Senior Vice President shall be called a Senior Vice President, and also the second, third and four vice president shall be called Vice President.

    i. Senior Vice President:

    The Senior Vice President shall help the President in all of his duties. In the absence, incapacity or termination of the term of the president, he/she shall become the acting president with all responsibilities and powers of the president.

    ii. Vice Presidents:

    The Vice President shall help the Senior Vice President in all of his duties. In the absence, incapacity or termination of the term of the Senior Vice President, he/she shall become the acting Senior Vice President with all responsibilities and powers of the Senior Vice President.

    c. General Secretary:

    The General Secretary will be responsible to disseminate the messages and any other relevant issues both made by the Board as well as the General Assembly to all its members. He/she shall be responsible for keeping every record of the GBNC, keeping minutes of the Board and the General Assembly meetings. He/she shall be responsible for preparing correspondence as decided by the Board on the direction of the President. He/she shall also be responsible to file the names of Directors with the office of the Secretary of State of MA.

    d. Secretary:

    The Secretary Shell help the G. Secretary in all of his duties. In the absence, incapacity or termination of the term of the G secretary, he/she shall become the acting G. secretary with all responsibilities and powers of the G secretary.

    e. Treasurer:

    The Treasurer shall be responsible for all monetary concerns of the organization. He/she shall manage the accounts of the organization with accurate receipts for income and expenditures. He/she shall keep the records of assets and liabilities of the organization. He/she shall be responsible for the yearly income and expenditure estimates and the approval of the relevant budget from the General Assembly. He/she shall give the pertinent income and expenditure reports to the General Assembly. In the Secretary's absence the Treasurer shall act as the Secretary.

    f. Assistant Treasurer:

    The Assistant Treasurer shall help the Treasurer in all of his duties. In the absence, incapacity or termination of the term of the Treasurer, he/she shall become the acting Treasurer with all responsibilities and powers of the Treasurer.

    g. Board Members:

    The Board Members along with other members of the Board shall be the decision makers by their voting power for the organization's policies and programs in the Board meetings. He/she shall carryout any responsibility given by the Board.

    Section 4. Eligibility to the Board of Directors:

    All the GBNC members who are residents of the State of MA with no criminal record shall be eligible for candidacy. The office of the president requires two year of continuous membership in the organization. He/she must be at least 21 years old with sound health and is active in the GBNC's activities/programs.


    Article VI

    Resignation, Disciplinary Action, Disciplinary Committee, Vacancies, Compensation and committee

    Section 1. Resignations

    Any General member or the officer of the Board may resign from their post by giving written notice to the president. The president shall present the resignation(s) to the subsequent Board meeting and get his decisions endorsed. The Board may request the member to withdraw his/her resignation. Resignation of the president shall be presented to the Board.

    Section 2. Disciplinary Actions and Expulsion

    If any General Member or the officer of the Board is acting against the interests of the organization, is misusing the funds of the organization or is found to be involved in criminal action, he/she will be subject to disciplinary action.

    In case the Board finds any member acting against the interests of the organization, it will send them a letter of warning requesting termination of such action. After receipt of a warning letter, if the alleged member/officer does not terminate their actions, the Board shall appoint a disciplinary tribunal for full investigation into the case. The Board shall act accordingly.

    A member who has miss-used the organization fund is required to reimburse to the organization.

    If any board member miss to attend 50% of the schedule meeting (2 out of 4 mandatory meeting per year) without prior information or valid reasons, such a board member shall be automatically expelled from being board member.

    Section 3. Disciplinary Committee

    The Board shall appoint a minimum of three individuals from among its assembly members irrespective of their membership category to investigate misbehavior of any members.

    Section 4. Vacancies

    If there is a vacancy in the Board for a post other than President, the Board shall fill the vacancy from General Members for the remaining period by nomination from the President, if President approves his/her resignation. For the President the Vice President shall function as the Acting President for the remainder of the term. The next General Assembly meeting should approve such a case. If the Vice President is not approved for the President then the General Assembly shall elect a new president for the remainder of the term.

    Section 5. Compensation

    General members or the officers of the Board shall not receive any salary or compensation for their services to the organization. However, if required, board meeting may hire any consultant or expert to fulfill its objects. Hired consultant may not be from board members but can be from assembly members.

    Section 5. Committees and Subcommittees

    GBNC board meetings may form several committees and subcommittees to fulfill the GBNC's objectives.

    a. Media Director:

    By the first meeting of the Board, Board shall elect a Media Director among the Board Members for the period of 2 (two) years. He/she shall work on receiving information related and/or helpful the objectives of the GBNC. The Media Director shall work on releasing the information to the public as directed by the Board.

    b. Publication Officer

    By the first meeting of the Board, Board shall elect a Publication Officer among the Board Members for the period of 2 (two) years. The Publication Officer shall keep the record and document as and when required. The Publication Officer shall work towards the book, booklets and memories of the GBNC published by GBNC. The Publication Officer shall coordinate with Media Director to fulfill the GBNC objectives.


    Article VII

    Meeting, Place, Access to Meeting, Quorum and Voting

    Section 1. Board Meetings

    The Board will hold meetings at least 4 times a year. The Board can decide if any other meetings are necessary.

    Section 2. Meeting Place

    The Board shall choose the venue for both the Board as well as General Assembly meetings. The secretary shall inform all the concerned parties two weeks prior to the Board and one month prior to General Assembly meeting. In the case of an emergency, the president can decide the venue of the Board meeting.

    Section 3. Quorum

    The Quorum for the General Assembly meeting is fifty-one percent of registered General members. Quorum for the Board meeting is fifty-one percent of the Board members. Decisions about the programs, policies, activities and annual and financial reports can be decided by a simple majority. However any amendment to the by-laws shall require a two-third majority of the General Assembly meeting.

    However, board or assembly meeting does not meet necessary quorum in the first called meeting, board shall call another meeting as soon as possible within 30 (thirty)days period. Second meeting of the Board or General Assembly shall satisfy the quorum by the board members or assembly members as much as they present at the meeting. There shall not be any problem to make decisions to go further.

    Section 4. Voting

    For the General Assembly meeting, every member shall have one vote. A member who is at least 18 years old and has paid yearly membership dues can vote in Election. The officers of the Board will have the voting power in the Board meetings. Observers, invitees and advisors (if there are any) shall not have the voting power irrespective of the type of meeting.

    Section 5 Access to Meetings

    All General Members who are interested in attending the Board meetings shall be eligible for the meeting. However they don't have any voting power in the Board decisions.


    Article VIII

    General Election

    The General Election, through its Assembly Meeting, will be held every two years. Any officer of the Board may be re-elected, but the president shall not be re-elected more than one term consecutively, however he/she may come back for one more term. The New Elected Board shall take a place starting right after the day of GBNC convention of the same year. Until the date of convention the board members and committee shall remain the same.

    Section 1. Date and Time

    All the members shall be notified one month prior to the General Assembly meeting.

    Section 2. Election Committee

    The Board shall appoint a 3 (three) to 5 (five) (an odd number)-members Election Committee from the General Members to organize and hold the election in a free, fair and impartial manner. A candidate for the current election shall not be eligible to be a member of the Election Committee. The Election Committee shall automatically be dismissed once the new Board is formed.

    Section 3. Nomination

    Election Committee shall inform all its members about the election procedures and seek nominations two weeks prior to the election date. There shall be a nomination fees for (one time) non refundable purpose to each interested candidates. After the election committee holds the election the nomination fees shall be deposited to the GBNC bank account. However, the election expenses shall be applied to the nomination fees. The nomination fees for the post of president shall be $100.00(Hundred dollars), $50.00(Fifty dollars) for all executive positions and members of the Board shall be $30.00(Thirty dollars) each.

    Section 4. Election Procedure

    If there is only one candidate for a position, the candidate shall be automatically elected and no election shall be held for the position. The election shall be held in a closed room and kept secret by using the ballot box, one member, one vote policy. Candidates will be considered elected by at least one vote more than the nearest rival candidate. If the final candidates have an equal number of votes then a drawing shall decide the candidate. The Election Committee shall conduct the drawing.


    Article IX


    Section 1. Classification

    a. Honorary Member

    Honorary membership shall be given to distinguished individual deemed appropriate and decided by the majority of the Board.

    b. General Member

    Membership shall be open to all Nepalese, Nepalese origin, Nepalese-American and their spouse and family those who loves Nepalese culture regardless of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, or physical disability. Membership shall be retained until member and or family moves out of Massachusetts area and pays subsequent dues.

    Section 2. Membership Fee

    Registration Fee: One time Registration & membership fees shall be as follows:

    a. General member $10.00

    b. Life Membership $150.00 (one time only in life time)


    Section 3. Benefits, rights and responsibilities of General Members

    General Members shall have the right to vote and run for election of GBNC officers of the GBNC Board. They shall get discounted fees for various GBNC activities and will receive advance notice of all such activities. They shall have also the right to bring the notice of relevant issues and activities to the Board, its members or the General Assembly.

    Section 4. Enrollment Period

    The enrollment time for membership shall be "Last day or at the day of Convention each year (shall fall around September or October or November, subject to check with Nepalese calendar and Deshain Festival), every English calendar year". If a current member does not submit his/her membership due before last day or at the day of Convention, membership shall automatically expire. Membership renewed after last day or at the day of convention shall not be eligible for general assembly voting for that year.


    Article X

    Advisory committees

    (a) Past Presidents' Advisory Board

    The president shall also appoint several numbers or as required by the board members, a group of advisors among Past Presidents. Past President's Advisory Board (PPAB) which shall fulfill GBNC objectives from their experience. Immediate past president shall chair the PPAB (past presidents advisory Board). PPAB shall not act like a board members but they shall act like general assembly member or as an advisor as Article X. PPAB shall have no voting right of any kind. PPAB shall come to the Board meeting any time but PPAB shall meet once a year and GBNC Board shall call for meeting at least once a year.

    (b) Advisory committee

    The president shall appoint an Advisory Committee comprising of a minimum of three members with the approval of the Board. The Advisory Committee shall consist of distinguished individuals who is making valuable contribution to the organization, representative from women social worker, representative from other organizations with in Massachusetts, representative from different cultural group of Nepal. Advisory Committee has no voting power of any kind of GBNC Board decisions and meetings. The Advisory Committee shall act when they are asked by the GBNC Board. General Board shall meet with Advisory Committee at least once per year.


    Article XI

    Fiscal Year

    Fiscal year of the GBNC shall be from 1st of November of one year to 30th of October of next year.


    Article XII


    When the organization needs a publication, the Board shall form a Publication Committee under the chairmanship of Publication Officer. A quarterly bulletin of 3-5 pages can also be published, both on-line and on paper.


    Article XIII

    Source of Financial Support

    The source of financial support of the organization shall be membership fees, donations, fund raising programs and other activities. The Board shall determine the fees for different activities. All income shall be deposited in the bank and expenses must be made by bank transaction such as checks. Proof of receipt shall be provided by the conducting the expenditure for any kinds of expenses or income made on behalf of the GBNC.


    Article XIV

    Expenses, Auditing and Access to Accounts

    Section 1. Expenses

    No one shall make expenses from GBNC income without the approval of the Board. In an emergency, authorized person (section 2 of this article) shall withdraw money equal to $500 (five hundreds only) at the maximum twice per year. But such expenses shall be endorsed by the next Board meeting. The receipt or proof of expenses must be available for every transaction. In case endorsement is not provided, concerned person shall take the responsibility for the expenses incurred for whatsoever purposes. However, the incumbent president has a right to withdraw $300 (three hundred only)

    emergency help fund twice on his/her term without approval of the board but such an expenses should be defined as a socially related helps or donations.

    Section 2. Authorized Signature

    All the bank transactions have to be performed by authorized person indicated by this section. The treasurer along with another officer of the Board shall conduct transactions. Two authorized signatures from the Board shall approve all other expenses.

    The authorized officers of the Board shall be Treasurer, President, Vice President and General Secretary.

    The Priority order of the two authorized shall be follows:

    Treasurer and President

    Treasurer and Vice-president

    Treasurer and General Secretary

    Section 3. Auditing

    The book of the financial accounts of GBNC shall be reviewed on regular basis and audited annually by a 3 members subcommittee established by the Board. The subcommittee will submit its report to the Board. The Board shall present such report to the General Assembly and get it approval by the simple majority.

    Section 4. Access to Accounts

    Any member of the organization during the General assembly period can ask about accounts and financial position of the organization, but he/she does not have power to change the accounts. However if twenty five percent of the general members believe there has been an improper use of the Organization Funds by any of its members, they shall make a written request to the Board during any time for a complete investigation. The Board then shall form a three to five (an odd number) member committee to investigate the case within two months of the written request. Their report shall first be discussed and endorsed by the Board for which a final approval has to be made by a simple majority of the Assembly.


    Article XV

    Amendment of by-laws

    All or any articles and/or sections may be altered, amended or replaced by a two third majority of the General Assembly Meeting. If the Board feels a change in the by-laws is necessary, it shall appoint a three to Five (an odd number) member by-laws Review Committee. Such a committee shall first present its report to the Board, which shall then be approved by a two-third majority of the General Assembly Meeting.


    Article XVI


    If any provision of these by-laws is found in violation of any superseding law or authority, they shall be amended.


    Article XVII

    Not-Profit Status

    The organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and/or scientific purposes under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal revenue Code. No substantial part of the activities of the organization shall participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. Notwithstanding any other provision of this document, the organization shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on (a) by an organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or (b) by an organization, contributions to which are deductible under section 170 (c) (2) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.


    Article XVIII


    The property of this corporation is irrevocably dedicated to the purposes mentioned in Article II. No part of the net income or assets of this organization shall ever inure to the benefit of any director, officer, or member of this corporation, or to the benefit of any private individual, except that the organization shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth in the purpose clause hereof. Upon the dissolution of this corporation, after paying or adequately providing for the debts and obligations of the corporation, the remaining assets shall be distributed to a non-profit fund, foundation, or corporation that is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes and that has established its tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of Internal Revenue Code.

    GBNC Constitution and BY-LAWS formation committee "third amendment" of the By-Laws

    Approves this By- Laws only to use by nonprofit organization mentioned in this By Laws "Greater Boston Nepali Community" or (GBNC)

    * Change by majority of General Assembly 2016